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In 1971 the sales brochures for the Glades Country Club condominiums advertised, “tropical living, close to the city of Naples and the Gulf of Mexico, yet ideally situated in a secluded area where the natural beauty of lakes and native foliage is enhanced by tastefully interlaced rolling green fairways of two golf courses.” We could still use that description but might have to exclude the word “secluded”. Towne Center Mall, The Collier County Government center, Home Depot and much other development has gone up around the Glades. All that was here for the county government were the one-story buildings. However, “the tropical living close to the city of Naples and the Gulf as well as the natural beauty of lakes and native foliage” remain. Palm Drive was an isolated boulevard with almost nothing east of it until you reached the Lely area. 

The first units built were the Spanish style villas on Teryl and Harrison. These units were a replica of those being built at the entrance to Royal Harbor by the builder, John Bruce. Mr. Bruce had suggested to some of the people looking at his units that they take a look at the property “way out” on the East trail. That’s where Hubshman, who had bought approximately 500 – 740 acres, was building what eventually became Section 1 of the Glades. There are various reports on the number of acres purchased. US Homes developed Lakewood and the Hubshman property included a parcel that was in the Lakewood area that Hubshman ultimately sold to Lakewood. On July 17, 1971, the first Glades units were advertised. The prices were $23,990 on the lake side and $22,990 on the roadside. The monthly assessment at that time was $52.50. These were the Spanish style villas on Lake Teryl. The first closings were in October of 1971 but not occupied until early in 1972. The original documents stated that the maintenance fee for the golf course would never exceed $1 for a 1 bedroom unit, $2 for a 2 bedroom unit and $3.00 for a 3 bedroom unit. Mr. Hubshman originally planned for only the Palmetto course but was convinced by others that due to the number of units he was planning he would need a larger recreation area and then went on to put in what became the Pines Course. The charge was $1.00 for the Palmetto and $2.00 for the Pines. A riding cart was $5.00. Early residents reported that there was a lot of wildlife in the area, snakes, rabbits, raccoons and alligators were often seen. 

The early residents were eager to participate in many activities and enthusiastically joined in on Golfing, Bridge, horseshoes, shuffleboard and billiard tournaments. Many of the early residents were very impressed with the generosity of the builder in providing hot dogs for their gatherings and prizes for their social events. Much of what went on in the early days continues today with Arts & Crafts Shows, Golf tournaments, tennis, bridge, bowling and more.

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